Is the Alsace Rally Festival a historic regularity event or a speed event?

The Alsace Rally Festival is a "Slowly Sideways" event. This means that it is a demonstration of historic rally cars without time taking, on a closed road. Everyone is free to drive at their own pace.

This philosophy is mainly motivated by the fact that we want to show the diversity of historic cars, including Group B, which is not possible in a speed event.

Is the route published on the organizer’s website beforehand?

No. The route will be published in the program.

Which cars are eligible to enter and what is the car classification?

See the eligible cars.

What is Slowly Sideways?

20 years ago the Klein family started organizing demonstration events in Germany. Since then, their events have continued to grow. Today, Slowly Sideways is present in Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland and since 2016 in France and now Portugal.

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Are replicas accepted?

Yes and no - we do not check chassis numbers or certificates of conformity. But they must be very good replicas that are as close as possible to the original car. Production cars, on the other hand, are not allowed.

Cars from after 1986 are not allowed. Is this true?

For us, cars from group A, Super1600, WRC, etc. are important cars that have contributed to the history of rallying, and they are welcome. However, they must be original cars. Replicas are only allowed in exceptional cases.

Do I need a license?

The Alsace Rally Festival is not a competition. No license is required to participate, but if you have one it’s better. It’s a medical question, if you don’t have a license, you need to have a medical certificate that you are authorized to drive.

What about insurance?

The rally car must of course be insured to drive on public roads.

Is there an entry fee?

Yes, the entry fee is 710 € or 810 €. It must be paid within 14 days after confirmation of the entry.

Is there a technical inspection?

We mainly check the safety equipment and reserve the right to refuse the start if we feel that it is not sufficient.

What are the points checked?

There are no gas emissions or noise limits to be respected. Helmets are compulsory, as well as fireproof suits, safety hoops, fire extinguishers and harnesses. Fireproof underwear is optional. For us, safety takes precedence over historical interest and safety equipment from the 60s or 70s can be replaced by more recent equipment.

Can I ride on slick tyres?

No, only treaded tyres are allowed.

Do I have to be an experienced driver to participate?

No, however, we would like to point out that our event is not a tourist rally. The roads used are rally stages with inherent difficulties. We recommend that competitors carry out a reconnaissance run in order to fully appreciate these difficulties.

My car is very valuable, what guarantee is there?

Slowly Sideways cannot be held responsible for any damage to the cars. However, we do our best to avoid any damage during static displays. The service park will be monitored.


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